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Encapsulating Carpet Cleaners
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Encapsulating Certi-Rinse After Rinse
Certi-Rinse is a specially formulated fabric rinse containing a built-in encapsulating technology for use by professionals on carpet and upholstery. It is a low pH solution that may be used as the final step in wet cleaning. Certi-Rinse, applied after cleaning carpet and upholstery, will help remove any remaining residue, help prevent browning or yellowing and give the fabric a soft feel. pH of use dilution 2-3. Also available in 55 Gallon Drums. Please call 800.443.4321 for quote.
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Encapsulating Shampoo-Spin Cleaner
A fast acting, quick drying shampoo, spin cleaner which incorporates Certified's encapsulating technology to bind the soil, which is then removed through daily vacuuming. Leaves no harmful residue. Dilute 16 oz. to 1 gallon. Diluted for use pH 8-8.5. CRI APPROVED. Certified EcoLogo.
Our Price : (Case of 4) ONLY $92.24
Encapsulating Extraction Cleaner
Encapsulating Extraction Cleaner is compatible with high heat equipment. Because it leaves no sticky residue, it will eliminate rapid re-soiling. A concentrated cleaner that can be used with any type of carpet extraction equipment. This encapsulation formula provides one pass cleaning and eliminates the need for rinsing. Dilute 2 oz. to 1 gallon. Diluted for use pH 8.5-9. CRI APPROVED.
Our Price : (Case of 4) ONLY $96.88
Encapsulating Pre-Spray Treatment
For high powered cleaning, use in conjunction with Certifieds Extraction Cleaner. A perfect pre-spray for heavily soiled traffic areas. Breaks down tough grease and dirt. Dilute 8 oz. to 1 gallon. Diluted use for pH 8.5-9. CRI APPROVED. Certified EcoLogo.
Our Price : (Case of 4) ONLY $101.28
Encapsulating Carpet Spotter
An ideal, all-purpose spotter that breaks down a wide range of soils and dirt. Ready-To-Use. Diluted for use pH 9-9.5 CRI APPROVED. Certified EcoLogo.
Our Price : (Case of 12) ONLY $121.20
Bacteria Enzyme Urine Digester
This product has been discontinued. Our Structured By Nature Bacteria Enzyme Urine Digester contains all natural, multi-strain bacteria and enzymes to break down and digest tough urine problems and stains. This product eliminates and neutralizes through a natural process. Designed for use on water safe fabric and hard surfaces that have odor or stains caused by organic sources. Ready-To-Use. Diluted for use pH 6.5-7.5
Our Price : (Case of 12) ONLY $74.16
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