Nilodor was founded in 1955 and was acquired by HOSPECO® in 2019, helping to motivate the consolidation and creation of what became the Hospeco Brands Group later that same year. With Nilodor, the Hospeco Brands Group gained the ability to manufacture proprietary odor control and odor-neutralizing products for the facility care and pet care markets, including odor control programs and complete carpet maintenance programs. Nilodor revolutionized odor control with the creation of a product that actually alters odor at the molecular level, effectively neutralizing it rather than simply masking it.

In carpet treatment, its leading polymer-based encapsulation technology allows deep cleaning that is gentler on carpets, prolonging service life.

Nilodor has earned a reputation for strong customer support, its award-winning technical team, and its in-house chemists, who work with customers to create proprietary cleaning products to remedy application-specific odor control problems.

In recent years, the company has become a leader in the creation of green products, with numerous third-party certifications validating its efforts. Replacing ingredients with eco-friendly alternatives that don’t sacrifice effectiveness has become ingrained in the company mission.