Nilodor's Exclusive Single Scent Solution for Odor Control

Please note that current lead times are extended. Please allow a 6-8 weeks minimum for delivery.

Cleaning and Odor Control for Kitchens

Surface Cleaning

Significantly reduce cleaning and deodorizing time by adding NILodor's water soluble deodorizers to cleaners or plain mop water. This cleans and deodorizes the surface in one easy step.
Multi-Surface Degreaser
Oven and Grill Cleaner
Ultimate Degreaser
Ultimate Degreaser
Oxy-Force All-Purpose Cleaner
Oxy-Force Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Lime Scale Remover
Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish
No Freeze Freezer Cleaner
Food Service Hood Cleaner

Trap & Drain Care

Use these products, designed to consume and destroy the organic source of odors, in drains and traps to keep water flowing freely while eliminating odors.
Nilozyme Bio-Enzymatic Trap & Drain
Trap & Drain Dispenser
ZymeCLING Mutli-Purpose Gel Bio-Enzymatic