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Certified Model S Pile Lifter


Certified® Pile Brush Features

  • Dual Motor System: One motor drivers a 4.5 Inch diameter vegetable or nylon brush (1) and  a NEW quieter motor drives vacuum (2)
    Dual Motor System
  • Dual Filtration: Outer bag is made of Heavy C-Tex™ material (Collection efficiency 97.25% @ 0.3 microns). Inner paper bag insert (Collection efficiency 90% @ 0.5 microns) 
    Pile Brush Bags
  • Top fill bag design results in 80% bag efficiency with 840 cubic inches of dirt holding capacity
  • Sand Trap: Collects larger particles, and allows just fine dry particulate to pass through the vacuum motor into the paper bag insert.
    Pile Brush Sand Trap
  • Solid die cast aluminum construction
  • Self-leveling base: There is no need to adjust for different sizes or kinds of carpet pile.
  • Transmission: Brush drive is positive and geared to motor to ensure continuous brush action even when pile is high or badly matted.
  • Brush: Certified® solid spiral brush has gentle grooming action - does not break, cut or pull pile loop. It does not mat and is self-cleaning. Only Certified® permits reversing of brush for longer wear. Also available with tufted nylon brush.
    Vegetable and Nylon Brushes
  • Portable: The Certified® Pile Brush is around the same size as a regular vacuum and can be wheeled up a flight of stairs.


WEIGHT: 67 lbs.. (30.4 kilo)
OVERALL WIDTH: 19.25" (48.90 cm)
OVERALL DEPTH: 18" (45.72 cm)
OVERALL HEIGHT: 43.25" (109.86 cm)
BRUSH DRIVE MOTOR: 1/2 hp, 60Hz, 115 volt
BRUSH LENGTH: 15" Self-Leveling (38.10 cm)
BRUSH DIAMETER 4.5 (10.16 cm)
CHOICE OF TWO BRUSHES: Solid reversible Vegetable fill (Tampeako), and Tufted nylon
VACUUM MOTOR: 1/2 hp universal 115 volt
BASE: Polished rugged aluminum casting
CABLE: 50' x 14.3 U.L. approved
SWITCH: Momentary contact
GEARED DRIVE: No slipping

Heavy C-Tex material

(Collection efficiency 97.25% @ 0.3 microns)

SAND TRAP: Exclusive hinged sand trap on bottom & top loading refill filter bag protect vacuum from metal and heavy objects
WHEELS:  4" heavy duty, non-marking
FLOOR ROD:  Heavy 1/4" (32 cm) wall tubing, fully adjustable
HANDLE:  Extra wide 18" (45.72 cm)
SWITCH LEVER:  5" (12.7 cm) plastic coated finger tip control
SHIPPING WEIGHT:  80 lbs.. (36.3 kilo)

Maintenance & Care Manual

Pile Brush Maintenance and Care Manual