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Certified Model S Pile Lifter


What the Experts Say

The 1998 Building Service Contractors Association International Carpet Guide says “The pile brush type vacuum will remove deeply embedded soil, and open up a nap more than a regular, lightweight vacuum. Usually, a pile brush machine will be used weekly on traffic lanes, monthly on all of the carpeted areas, and always just before any cleaning process. The pile brush vacuum is a dual-purpose machine because it is used both to maintain commercial carpet and to clean”.

Shaw Floors
Shaw Industries, one of the leading manufacturers of carpet, says, “Using a pile lifter in traffic lanes just prior to cleaning will remove the deeply embedded soil and open up the pile so the hot water extraction can be more effective. After using a pile lifter, the final step...will be less difficult.” Additionally, Shaw’s recommendation for in-house maintenance specifies “Use a pile lifter...in high traffic areas.” Shaw’s description of a pile brush might as well be Certified’s pile brush, it is “...an upright two motor vacuum with a large, adjustable, gentle bristle brush with a motor, a high suction vacuum motor, and a sand trap.”

What Regular Vacuums Miss

  • The Certified® Dirt-O-Meter is a demonstration tool used to show what is missed by tradtional vacuuming and even deep extraction. As you can see, the once clean/white filter is completely saturated with dirt after only a few passes in a high traffic lane.  
    Certified's Dirt-O-Meter
  • The Pile Brush removes heavy sand, dirt, rocks, and abrasive soil that fall to the base of carpet that regular vacuums cannot remove. By removing damaging soil, the Certified Pile Brush can drastically increase the life of commercial carpet.
    Rocks, Sand, Particulate

What it Will Do For You

  • Help remove traffic pattern lanes by restoring and unifying their appearance with the surrounding carpet.
  • Restore breathability back into the carpet by gently grooming the nap.
  • Add life to your commercial or residential carpet by restoring and maintaining the original appearance of the carpet pile.
  • Improve indoor air quality throughout a facility by removing particles in the carpet that could become airborne.
  • Enhance the performance of cleaning chemicals by removing the deeply embedded soil that inhibits those chemicals from reaching the carpet fibers.
  • Save money by postponing the replacement of your commercial or residential carpet.
  • Reduce labor/chemical costs by reducing the frequency of deep cleaning wet extraction.
    New Carpet pile before heavy traffic, dirt, moisture, etc:
     New Carpet
    * Soft Pile *Uniform *Breathability in fiber
    Carpet pile with 12 months of heavy traffic, insufficient maintenance, dirt, moisture, etc:
     worn carpet
    *Crushed Pile *Non-Uniform *Pile without Breathability
    The same traffic lane with carpet pile restored after Pile Brush is used in a maintenance program:
     Restored Carpet
    *Pile restored *Uniform pile *Recovered breathability *Improved Appearance