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Certified Model S Pile Lifter


Where to Use

  • High traffic areas: (Commercial carpet is replaced prematurely not because it wears out, but because it "uglies" out in the high traffic areas).
  • Traffic lanes and heavy pivot areas in hallways and in front of reception areas.
  • Entrances into buildings (80% of soil is trapped in entrances and the beginnings of rooms).
  • Elevator Areas
The below diagram shows common high traffic areas.
Office Area

How to Use

  • Scope your facility to determine the carpet problem areas. (Use the map above to help determine common problem areas).
  • Determine the lie of the carpet pile. (Going against the lay of the pile pulls the fibers up allowing the deeply embedded soil to be reached.)
  • The height of the handle can be freely adjusted to desired height
  • The Pile Brush is a ready-to-use machine. Just plug it into the outlet. (No chemicals required. Just plug it in and start moving. No solution tanks to fill. No recovery tanks to empty.)
  • Firmly grip the handle and hold in on the lever under the handle.
  • The Pile Brush will gently pull you with the machine. (The Pile Brush can cover 2000 to 3000 square feet in one hour.)
  • To operate most effectively, always start in corner of the area to be pile brushed facing the lay of the pile.
  • Run the Pile Brush forward two or three steps and pull back over the same area (This is where the Pile Brush is most effective, lifting the pile and removing the deeply embedded soil.)
  • The Pile Brush action is complete on the back stroke, against the lay of the nap.

When to Use

"Usually, a pile brush machine will be used weekly on traffic lanes, monthly on all of the carpeted areas, and always just before any cleaning process.”

  • Always the first step in restoration cleaning.
  • Minimum of once a week. More frequently with heavy foot traffic and wear.
  • Preventative carpet maintenance saves you money in the long run.

How to Store

  • Wrap the cord around the handle.

  • Check fill level of the bag. Replace around 80% full.

  • Clean out the sand trap.


  • Adjust the Pile Brush handle to a 90 degree angle.
  • Place a wooden block in front of the brush to keep it from flattening out.

How to Store the Pile Brush