Nilodor's Exclusive Single Scent Solution for Odor Control

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Odor control  in restaurants, eliminating bad odors in restaurant restrooms, controlling trap odors

Controlling Foodservice Odors & Deodorizing with Cleaning Products

Restroom Cleaning and Odor Control
Commercial Odor Control and Cleaning for Kitchens
Odor Control and Cleaning in Bars and Dining Areas
Dumpster Cleaning and Deodorizing

Odor Solutions for All Foodservice Areas

Nilodor offers a complete odor control program for foodservice, restaurants, cafes, and fast food restaurants to address odors in the kitchen, dining room, restrooms and dumpster areas.

If you are in the business of serving food products, it is imperative your facility reflects cleanliness and a fresh, inviting environment.

One evening of malodor can create ripples of lost business, particularly in today's use of social media.

Odor Control and Cleaning for the Food Service Industry