Nilodor's Exclusive Single Scent Solution for Odor Control

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Odor control in office building restrooms, eliminating smells in buildings, professional carpet care products

General Facility Odor Control & Facility Cleaning Solutions

Restroom Cleaning
Odor Control in Offices
Odor Control in Lobby Areas
Commercial Kitchen Odor Solutions
Dumpster Cleaning and Deodorizing
Carpet Odor Control Control Cleaning

Odor Solutions for General Facilities & Office Buildings

The first impression people have of your facility is the overall cleanliness and fresh air environment. Malodors quickly lose business and productivity. Restrooms can be the most challenging area of a facility so NILodor provides a full four-faceted program for fresh fragrance.

Successful building managers trust NILodor for the products and expertise in eliminating the toughest odor problems and tackling general cleaning challenges.

NILodor makes your facility shine with highly effective maintenance solutions for restrooms, common areas, general areas, lobbies, carpet, dumpsters and kitchen areas.