Nilodor's Exclusive Single Scent Solution for Odor Control

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Odor Control & Cleaning of Healthcare Facilities

Restroom Cleaning
Odor Control in Patient Rooms
Healthcare Common Area Odor Control
Commercial Kitchen Odor Solutions
Dumpster Cleaning and Deodorizing
Commercial Laundry Products
Carpet Odor Control Control Cleaning

Odor Solutions for Medical Centers, Hospitals, & Long-Term Living Facilities

NILodor offers a complete odor control and cleaning program for healthcare facilities, including medical centers, doctor offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and long-term living facilities.

Our Heathcare System provides the tools you need for complete odor control, cleaning, and disinfection to meet your strict demands. of staff, visitors, residents and patients. Our suface cleaners are effective in all areas of your facility, from the kitchen to dumpsters to resident rooms.

Staff, visitors, residents, and patients expect a higher degree of cleanliness n your facility with a fresh-smelling ambiance without a heavy disinfection scent. Trust NILodor and its decades of odor control expertise to assure your healthcare environment provides healthy, fresh air.

Healthcare Systems Odor Control and Solutions Guide