Professional Carpet Cleaning and Deodorizing Tips

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Deodorizing Tips

Soils are removed most easily when they are dry!

  • 79% of soil present in carpet is dry particulate soil
  • This is why using a Pile Brush before extracting or bonnet cleaning is so important

Hot water is an extremely valuable tool in carpet cleaning!

  • Cleaning power is doubled for every 17-degree increase in water temperature over 118 degrees.

A rinsing agent is a very effective tool with regards to carpet cleaning!

  • It neutralizes the high pH of most cleaning chemicals
  • It removes chemical residues to prevent rapid re-soiling
  • Studies show that:
    • Hard water rinse only removes 15% of residues
    • Soft water rinse removes up to 60% of residues
    • A rinsing agent removes 90% or more of chemical residues left in carpet.

Spot Removal Procedures

  1. Identify stain and which product to use

  2. Pre-test for color fastness

  3. Sparingly apply cold water and blot

  4. Apply stain remover to stain, tamp and blot

  5. Rinse with water, rinse and absorb

  6. Repeat steps 3 thru 5 if necessary

Do not apply water to ink stains.

Reappearing Spots

  1. If a spot re-appears as it dries, it is simply unremoved spotting material wicking to the top of the carpet fibers as they dry.

  2. If a spot re-appears over time, it is usually due to spotting material that was not totally removed or residue from an improperly rinsed spotting agent.

  3. To remove, simply follow all the spot removal procedures and rinse thoroughly. Sometimes treatment of the backing, padding or sub-flooring is required.

Spot Identification

  1. The best way to identify an unknown carpet stain is to mist warm water onto the stain and cover with a Styrofoam cup. Let stand for approximately 30 seconds, and then simply remove the cup. An odor from the staining material should be detected in the cup

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