Professional Cleaning and Deodorizing Tips

Professional Cleaning & Deodorizing Tips

This product can be used for pre-spotting laundry, removing spots and odors from carpeting, all restroom applications, and odors associated with septic systems, drains, and traps.

  • Add a water soluble deodorizer to cleaning solutions, disinfectants, quats and mop water, carpet extraction cleaners, shampoos, virtually any water based solution to deodorize as you clean.

  • Use a Bacteria/Enzyme Digester to counteract and eliminate organic odors such as urine, feces, vomit, perspiration, etc.

  • granular based deodorizer can be used to eliminate odors in dumpsters, trash cans, ash trays, and compactors.

  • To help control odors in carpeted areas, you can incorporate the use of a powdered rug and room deodorizer. Always make sure the product contains an odor counteractantand not just a perfume or fragrance.


•Some powdered deodorizers are formulated with baking soda, which is abrasive and absorbs moisture. These products will actually cut and damage the carpet fibers and by collecting moisture will clog and damage vacuuming equipment.

Always use a product that is formulated with a corn cob base. These products do not harm the carpet fibers and do not attract moisture.

  • Using a liquid spill absorbent and deodorizer can quickly eliminate spills and related odors. These products will gel and deodorize a liquid spill within seconds and will counteract any spill related odors